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Movement Icon Mv Jump Icon Jm Range Icon Rng Throw Icon Thr Counter Icon Ctr Critical Icon Crit
3 20 5 3 2 8%
Base Stats
37 44 35 35
40 46 42 40
Weapon Mastery
Fist Sword Spear Bow
C-10 C-10 C-10 A-20
Gun Axe Staff Armor
A-20 B-15 B-15 C
Fire: -50% Wind: 50% Ice: 50% Star: 25%
Weapon Resistances
Fist Sword Spear Bow
10% 0% 10% 10%
Gun Axe Staff
10% -30% 20%
Unlocked By: Beat Stage 13-4

Zombie is Bieko's exclusive class in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.


"Zed's little sister. Has an unusually kind heart for a demon. Wants to be a doctor when she grows up."



Name Level Stat/Effect Power SP Height Range/Description
Rumbley-Rumbley 1 WeaponStat: PSN F+(75%) 3199 24/24 Hits length-3 cone, in front of you.
Tummy's rumbling!
Secret Strike 300 WeaponStat D+(114%) 4799 16/24 Hits 4 rows of widths 1:3:3:1, starting 2 spaces away. Pushes targets up to 3 spaces.
It's a secret, okay?
Daydream 1200 WeaponStat: SLP E+(90%) 6399 16/16 Hits 2x5 area, 3 spaces away.
A super demon technique that traps foes in an unending nightmare.
World's End 6000 WeaponStat: Star D(105%) 9199 32/32 Hits radius-2 circle, 5 spaces away.
An ultimate demon technique that will destroy the world...


Generic Evility: Click here for generic evilities
Evility Effect Slots Requirements
Demonic Alteration Increase damage dealt by adjacent allies by 20%, increase damage taken by adjacent enemies by 20%. Unique Initial
Bedside Manner Cure ailments and heal HP of adjacent allies by 20% of own HP at the end of turn. Unique Initial
Psychotherapy Increase RES of adjacent allies by 20%. 2 100 Mana
Mystic Protection Increase RES by 10%. 1 Level 100
250 Mana
Podiatric Upgrade At the start of the turn, increase the Move stat of adjacent allies by 2(if you started adjacent to the Base Panel, will affect all allies that come out). If you have been inside the Base Panel this turn, will instead affect all other allies that have been inside the Base Panel. 3 Level 500
1000 Mana
Star Shield Increase Star resistance by 50%, but decrease Max SP by 25%. 3 Level 1000
2500 Mana
Lil' Sis Safeguard If this unit is a little sister, decrease elemental damage taken by 25%. 2 Level 5000
5000 Mana
Sibling Love If this unit has a sibling, increase damage dealt by 25% when adjacent to that sibling. (Note: This Evility is bugged and considers Desco to be sibling with Zed instead of Fuka) 1 Clear Episode 13
(5000 Mana)