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Zenon Appears! is the 8th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.

During this episode the player will be taken to a small alternate hub with no NPCs outside of the facility ones. Additionally, only the latest story map will be available for selection at the Dimension Gate until the episode is over.


Initial Cutscene[]

It's finally time to meet Zenon, but Adell and Rozalin seem very nervous about it.

Once they reach his throne room, he reveals that this was a trap to lure out Etna. Rozalin calls out to him but he reacts surprised to her presence, and she worries that he's not happy to see her. Meanwhile, Adell finds himself hesitating to attack. Yukimaru rushes forward but Zenon easily blocks her attack, and as she reaffirms her desire to avenge her clan Zenon summons a group of Undead to capture Rozalin and kill all the others. Axel, who was already far at the back, takes the opportunity to escape.

Note that the first map starts automatically at the end of this cutscene.


Note: Sunken Altar will appear last in the map selection despite being the first map you play.