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Zed is the main protagonist of Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny. He uses the powerful spell, Super Reincarnation, to travel across Netherworlds on his quest to defeat the God of Destruction. He used to be a very kind zombie, but after continuously losing to the God of Destruction, his heart hardened, causing him to be rude and violent.



He's a young looking zombie with one full horn and a broken one underneath his dark blue hair, which covers his left eye that appears to be damaged as its always closed, his skin is a greenish-blue with dark blue stitching and zipper keeping his left arm attached to his shoulder, he wears a red hoodie that's open revealing his chest, with matching red gloves, with black lining around it's hood, he has a heart-shaped accessory in the middle of his chest that responds to his emotions. He has a red string-like ribbon around his neck with blood stains on it that hangs out from his back.


“A zombie boy with a piercing gaze. Appears to be more than meets the eye...”
—Character introduction

He was originally a kind zombie until the constant fight with the God of Destruction had roughened him, he's still kind but prefers to hide it for unknown reasons even going as far as getting hit by a truck to save a stray cat. He has a big mouth and often boasts due to his new found strength in Super Reincarnation. He is incredibly resilient, refusing to give up even while dying, although most often this resolve comes from his great love for his sister, who he has a hard time even saying no to, very often saying she "almost vaporized him with her cuteness again".


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

His past life before becoming a zombie is unknown, he along with Bieko were mistreated in the home village for being zombies. The two grew close helping each other despite being weak, even fighting the other villagers for her sake, they declared each other as siblings.


“A zombie boy who has Super Reincarnated thousands of millions of times to defeat the strongest God of Destruction. Once average and kindhearted, his cruel and harsh struggles have worn down his body and soul both. Zed's greatest strength, if anything, is his persistence in the face of countless deaths.”
—Data Shop description

Zed has the Zombie class and specializes in using fists and swords. His unique skills are mainly wind element, except for Last Damnation.

Other appearances[]

Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Zed appears as an obtainable character. Other variations of Zed can also be obtained.



  • According to Cerberus, Zed is very bad with girls often getting insulted and screamed at, it was also stated his first crush even fainted upon seeing him.
  • His left eye appears to be damaged as seen by his model and concept art, in that it's always closed (even in battle).
  • He has random blood stains on his hoodie as confirmed by the behind the seams artbook.
  • According to the Behind the Seams artbook, the "heart" in his chest is just for looks and gets larger when he is surprised.
  • Bieko had bought him bear-print underwear, but according to Zed he now wears elephant-print underwear.
  • Zed is apparently not a very good actor as revealed in the Desco DLC when she herself admits, which bothers Zed greatly.
  • He's also revealed to be a horrible cook as he himself states this in the Killia DLC.
  • He apparently cannot taste much due to his rotting tongue so he searches for spicy foods to have some kind of flavor.
  • According to the Mao DLC Zed's body despite using Super Reincarnation is falling apart, and may give out on him soon as revealed by Mao.
  • He has a soft spot for kind, young little girls as they remind him of Bieko.