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"The head of the Edogawa family. The Demonic Staff has deemed him worthy. He's also a cowardly crybaby and a pervert" - Yeyasu's unit info.

Yeyasu is a character in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. He is the puppet-Shogun of Hinomoto, son of the previous Shogun and a useful pawn to the invading Demmodore's Shogunate. He first appears as a boss encounter in chapter 2 twice, first fought regularly, and then again as the chapter boss where he is used to introduce Jumbification. Following his defeat, he is taken hostage by the main party, and is officially recruited as the 3rd playable story character. He uses the Star Skull Magician class and is recruited at level 12.



Yeyasu is a light-skinned demon man with dyed, salmon pink hair in a stylised topknot. At the roots on the crown of his head, his natural dark brown hair can be seen growing out. He has red eyes with narrow, small irises and long eyelashes. In art that shows his mouth open, it can be seen that he has shark-like pointed teeth.

Yeyasu dresses in semi-traditional clothing for the Edo period. He wears a finely gold-trimmed white kimono with black hakama that has a decorated green star pattern on the outer sides of his legs, tied at his midsection with a magenta obi that bears the Edogawa family crest in gold. The obi's cord is extremely thick, and bright green. It is tied in an upside-down bow. Beneath his kimono top a black juban can be seen, though both are open to show off his flat, non-muscular chest. Over the kimono and hakama Yeyasu wears a purple, leopard-print haori with a fluffy white trim around the hem and collar. The haori has a white haori-himo with a fluffy pompom that sits just above the bow of the obi. Attached to the popped collar of the haori is a long cape that matches the white kimono, bearing the same gold trim. The underside of the cape is green. Clashing with the rest of his already-ostentatious attire, he wears western-style white boots on his feet that are embellished with gold spurs.

The Edogawa family crest consists of four heart-shapes with their tips pointed inwards, formed together in a circle with the filigree linework forming smaller, inverted hearts between each large heart's two mounds. Yeyasu carries a pale yellow sensu fan embellished with the design in black across its surface.


Yeyasu is a self-absorbed, narcissistic womanizer with little regard for anything beyond his own frivolous whims. He presents openly as a degenerate lech, making passes at the vast majority of women and, occasionally, men that he meets. He speaks with little shame about his desires and attractions, referencing his own genitalia as his "Massivemune" in an early chapter, and often ogling any attractive person and speaking highly of their assets.

Despite this disgusting behaviour, it is confirmed numerous times that Yeyasu is 'all talk'; when presented with the opportunity to commit acts more heinous than catcalling or overenthusiastically proposing a date, he shies back. His commands delivered in Chapter 2 to Pirilika shortly before his boss fight show that he is "surprisingly pure," as Pirilika herself describes it. He desires an innocent romance rather than sexual gratification. A maiko that can be spoken to in Yokohorror during Netherworld Sightseeing also confirms that although he hires maiko to hang around him, Yeyasu doesn't make physical advances on them and keeps his flirting verbal only.

Despite his position as the Shogun of Hinomoto, he is in the dark on most of its political and economic goings on, only learning of them over the course of the game. Much of his time in power has been spent burying his head in the sand as a direct response to the various experiences he had during the invasion of Demmodore Opener and as a direct result he can be considered extremely immature for his age, bordering on emotionally stunted in a number of ways. His 'childish' likes of convenience store candy, western-style fast food, and video games, as well as his dislike of responsibility and money-budgeting, could be considered a part of this. As well as a pervert and a selfish manchild, Yeyasu is also a coward. He is extremely quick to beg for his life when circumstances demand it. He's willing to display that he has no pride whatsoever if he thinks that it will keep him alive.

Balancing his extremely prominent negative traits are his cheerful, goofy sense of humour, his kindness, and his sincere love for his family, Hinomoto, and the residents that live in its Netherworlds. Yeyasu is shown to be a loyal friend throughout Disgaea 7, and as of Disgaea RPG this extends into being a devoted carer to younger characters such as Ao. His Infernal Treasure, the Demonic Staff Tokugawa Tenge, deems him to be a worthy wielder of its power to dominate the will of others, something that would likely not occur if the soul inside of the weapon believed he would misuse it in any serious way.


Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless[]


Disgaea RPG[]

Yeyasu debuts alongside Suisen and Ceefore in the second D7 event, "Return of the Nethertime Support Force! Searching for the Whereabouts of the Missing Little Girls!", during which he is portrayed as on vacation in the post-game of 7. Upon hearing that Ao has gone missing, he rushes out to help find her, and in the process ends up meeting and forming a bond with Axel, as well as flirting shamelessly with Melodia. In the raid event that followed, "The Exhausted Shogun Wants to Rest! The Edogawa Family's Summer Holiday!", Yeyasu is swamped with paperwork and desperate for a break, wishing to go to the beach in order to relax and ogle hot girls. Suisen, who has been keeping him on course with his work, says that he'll allow him to go if he can beat him in a fight. Yeyasu narrowly wins, but due to his unfortunate luck he ends up injured and spends the rest of the vacation in the Netherhospital.


Whimsical Wahoo

Yeyasu using Whimsical☆Wahoo in Disgaea 7

Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Yeyasu appears as an obtainable character.



  • According to the DLC of Disgaea 7, a Shogun is the equivalent of an Overlord. As such, Yeyasu is technically an Overlord.
  • Yeyasu, and the Edogawa Shogunate as a whole, seem to draw inspiration from the real life Edo-period shogunate of the Tokugawa family. The Tokugawa lineage officially began with Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, who is likely a namesake for both Yeyasu himself and his Infernal Treasure, Tokugawa Tenge.
  • The roots of Yeyasu's hair are brown, and Ikki's hair was brown before he was turned into a living weapon. it's possible his natural color is brown but dyed pink.