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Writhing Shadow is the third map in Episode 6: Laharl's Challenge in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


As Laharl, Etna, and Flonne continue through the forest, a gigantic Great Wyrm appears before them, so huge that he doesn't fit on screen. He claims to be an Overlord from another Netherworld and hopes to add Laharl's Netherworld to his territory. Laharl then comments that he can't see him fully due to how huge he is so the Overlord decides to make adjustments and uses the Doppelganger spell to split himself into 10 Overlords. Flonne, however, is convinced that since he became 10 Overlords, his "Love" has been divided 10 ways so there is no way they can lose.

Map Strategies[]

Each of the 10 Overlords is level 75. For the first play-through of players new to the series, winning is likely impossible because the player's party tend to be much lower-level. In the end, Laharl's vassals will aid Laharl in beating the Overlords. There is nothing special about the map itself and with a sufficiently leveled party, the map can be won easily.

Additional Strategies[]

When visiting this map for a second time, a Fafnir (Tier 2 Dragon) replaces the 10 Overlords. Players can use this spot for decent training as well as for acquiring a Fafnir earlier on in the game.


When the Overlords defeat the party, Laharl glares at Flonne and points out her theory of 'love divided 10 ways' was kind of bunk. The Overlords gloat at their (his?) victory, and it is at this point that the Vassals show up to assist Laharl.

Strategy Part 2[]

There will be a round 2 of fighting; one option is to have one character come out and stay far away from the Overlords, and let the Vassals clean them up.


  • Each of the 10 Overlords is level 75. From that, we can deduce that the Overlord's original level was 750.
  • During the battle, the famous Nippon Ichi song "The Great Wilder" plays as the background music.
  • This map was the first mention in a Disgaea game that more than 1 Netherworld exists.
  • This was also the first instance of there being an enemy too big to fit on the screen.
  • The vassals who come to save you the second time around do not grow in levels, even if you pass the "Stronger Enemies" bills via the Dark Assembly. This means that passing enough "Stronger Enemies" bills will cause Alternate Overlord's level to surpass that of the vassals.