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Wind (風 , Wind) is one of the three Elemental Affinities. Having anything above 0% means a character is resistant to the element, while having anything below 0% means a character has a weakness of the element.

The Aeronaut Specialist increases a character’s resistance to attacks that are wind-based. In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and beyond, an Aeronaut can also increase the damage of wind spells and abilities.


  • Wind
  • Mega Wind
  • Giga Wind
  • Omega Wind
  • Tera Wind
  • Peta Wind

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness[]

Wind is easily the best element for a player’s characters to have a weakness to, due to a lack of skills against the element. Players will also find that these weakness benefits them when they are facing enemies with wind weaknesses, due to the strong Spear skill that can be learned later on.

Skills that are based in the wind element:

  • Turbulence (Spear)
  • Zombie Twister (Undead)
  • Death Drop (Serpent)
  • Dragonic Furor (Dragon)*
  • Raging Dance (Great Wyrm)**
  • Raging Column (Great Wyrm)**
  • Raging Roar (Great Wyrm)**
  • Raging Burst (Great Wyrm)**

* Only the Dragon tier of the Dragon class can learn this attack.

** Only the Shaitain tier of the Great Wyrm learn these skills.

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