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White Fox Ruler
Movement Icon Mv Jump Icon Jm Range Icon Rng Throw Icon Thr Counter Icon Ctr Critical Icon Crit
4 20 1 6 2 6%
Base Stats
20 20 16 16
16 16 20 20
Weapon Mastery
Fist Sword Spear Bow
B-16 B-16 C-12 C-12
Gun Axe Staff Armor
B-16 C-12 C-10 C
Fire: -25% Wind: 0% Ice: 25% Star: 0%
Weapon Resistances
Fist Sword Spear Bow
0% 0% 10% 15%
Gun Axe Staff
15% 0% -15%
Unlocked By: DLC: Hololive Collaboration Set

White Fox Ruler is Fubuking's exclusive class in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.

This class is a variant of the Prinny class.


"A cute, little, white newbie Prinny. She was the animal-earned girl known as Fubuki Shirakami."



Name Level Stat/Effect Power SP Height Range/Description
Prinny Barrage 1 WeaponStat C(120%) 3199 18/12 Hits single panel, 3 spaces away.
A skill created while we were slacking off, dood.
Prinny Dance 300 WeaponStat: AMN/SLP E(80%) 4799 18/12 Hits 3 panels horizontally, in front of you.
C'mon, doods! Let's dance!
Prinny Bomb 1200 WeaponStat: Fire B(140%) 6399 20/16 Hits cross-shaped area, 3 spaces away.
I'll show you how it feels to be a Prinny, dood!
Pringer Beam 6000 WeaponStat: Star B+(150%) 9199 32/48 Hits your 8 surrounding panels.
Someone must really love lasers, dood.


Generic Evility: Click here for generic evilities
Evility Effect Slots Requirements
Explosive Body Explode when thrown or hit by an explosion. (Hits radius-2 circle. Damage = 50% of current HP) Unique Initial
Cross Bomber If this unit explodes, hits size-5 cross-shaped area(instead of the usual circle). 2 100 Mana
Defensive Line Increase all weapon resistances by 3% per adjacent ally unit. (Max 20%) 2 Level 100
250 Mana
Through Adversity Increase stats by 30% while afflicted with an ailment. 3 Level 500
1000 Mana
Focused Bomb If this unit explodes, increase explosion damage dealt by 100%. 3 Level 1000
2500 Mana
Recycle Spirit If this unit dies from exploding, the dispatch limit does not go down. 5 Level 5000
5000 Mana