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White Death is the fourth and final map of the second episode, Enter Flonne, in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Laharl and Etna have cornered Flonne, who is not intimidated by his boasting. Flonne summons a Dragon, and Etna is shocked.

After the battle, Laharl tells Flonne she will regret the day she tried to assassinate "the great Laharl"; Flonne asks why she would assassinate him. She is here to assassinate Krichevskoy. When Laharl tells her he died two years ago, she begins to cry. Laharl says he isn't sad, he "doesn't have that emotion." Flonne asks if demons don't know love, "sadness is only possible if demons know love." Laharl mocks the notion of love, and says 'love is the reason Mother is dead.' Flonne decides that her mission has changed, and makes her goal to to learn the true nature of demons, and to see if they are capable of Love.


Like the previous maps at Frozen River, all the enemies have a weakness of Fire. Players often find it easy to use either a fire mage, or Laharl's 'Blazing Knuckle' technique to cause major damage to the enemies here.

There are quite a few Winged here, so options are "be overleveled," or "have a lot of Espoir". The Dragon has quite a few HP, and Flonne can heal him.