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Weapon Symbols

The symbols for the 9 recurring weapon types.

Weapons are a category of equippable item in the Disgaea series. There are various types of weapon, and each unit can only equip one at a time. Their main function is to increase attack power, though most of them come with other bonuses as well.

During battle, ally units can use the "Equip" command to freely change their equipment, so long as they haven't spent their action for the turn.

Like any other item, they can be strengthened by adding Specialists or going through its Item World.

Weapon Types[]

For more information on each individual weapon type, please consult their main article pages, listed below. These pages include information on the respective weapon and the differences or its evolution throughout the series.

Weapon Resistance[]

Disgaea 5 introduced a stat called Weapon Resistance. Each unit has separate resistances to each weapon type, represented by percentages that multiply the damage taken from attacks using the corresponding weapon by 100% - Resistance, thus decreasing damage taken when the resistance is positive and increasing damage taken when it is negative. However, this multiplier only applies to physical attacks.

In Disgaea 7 only, Weapon Resistance applies to all attacks and is added to Elemental Resistance(where applicable) to then be applied as a single multiplier instead of two separate ones.

List of Weapons[]

For an overview of the weapons used in each game, please consult their respective pages, listed below. These pages include information on weapon skills and weapons stats.

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