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D5 Weaken Example

A weakened Imp in Disgaea 5.

Weaken is one of the Status Ailments that can be inflicted on characters. It was introduced in Disgaea 5.


It's represented by a dark green swirl above the character's head. Units affected by it have their stats decreased by 30% and can't earn EXP/Mana.

Weaken replaces the Deprave ailment from previous games.


Two Specialists deal with the Deprave ailment:

  • Having a Toxicologist on any equipment increases a character's resistance to the Weaken status by 1% per level.
  • Having a Drainer on any equipment gives a character's normal attacks a chance to inflict Weaken by 1% per level.

Methods to inflict Weaken[]

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance[]

  • Cryo Heartbreaker (Killia Combo skill)
  • Strange Shot (Archer skill)
  • Curse Storm (Sorcerer skill)
  • Slumber Acrobatics (Slumber Cat skill)
  • Comedy Impact (Undead Magichange skill)
  • Listless Spores (Shroom Evility)
  • Heart Breaker (Succubus Magichange skill)
  • Darkness Slash (Nether Noble skill)
  • Diving Booty Jump (Imp skill)
  • Dark Fist Volley (Imp skill)
  • Demon Bullet (Imp Magichange skill)
  • Twin Demon Bullet (Imp Dual Magichange skill)
  • Gloomy Tears (Chimera skill)