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Warrior Maiden is the fifth and final map of the Alternate Netherworld bonus stage in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

The battle fought here is against Priere, a recurring character in the Disgaea Series. Defeating Priere is a requirement for unlocking Baal Castle. The other requirement is defeating Marjoly, the final boss in the bonus stage Beauty Castle.


Upon entering the stage, Laharl is surprised to encounter a human here. However, he immediately senses she is no ordinary human. Etna confirms this. She tells of a legend about a woman who became fascinated with the dark arts... "They say that she wanders the Netherworld, searching for battle," Etna says. "No one's fought her and lived to tell about it...."

And that's all the incentive Laharl needs to start this battle.


Priere is flanked by 2 monsters, a Succubus and a Kit Cat. Both monsters have good attack power and counter rate, especially the Kit Cat. With a counter of 4, this ranks her amongst the highest in the game. The combination of high attack and counter, can make this fight very hard. To avoid unneccessary damage, use long ranged attacks and skills, or magic.

Priere has a lot of HP, over 470K, and her stats all top the 20K bar. To make things even worse, she has the skill 'Omega Heal', which can heal over 60K HP. It would be advisible to only attempt this map if your character's stats can match those of the boss, or at least come close.

Priere is a level 2000 boss. But just matching her level will not be enough to be able to defeat her. If you're unable to beat this map, it is recommended to strenghten your equipment through the Item world.

Priere has the legendary, rank 40, Arcadia equipped. You cannot steal this emblem. However, completing this map results in Priere joining you, and thus giving you access to her equipment.

Etna mode[]

In Etna mode, completing this map does not cause Priere to join you.