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“Take my loving right hand and come back with me to Celestia.”
—Virunga to Sicily, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

Virunga is a minor character in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. He is the newest Archangel, Vulcanus's successor, and believes himself to be all-loving of angels while holding a bias against demons.


Virunga is a recolour of the Male Angel class. He wears their standard uniform, which consists of a low-cut feathered shirt, shoulder pauldrons, a long, white chest cloth that hangs down to his knees, a black bodysuit, and armoured boots. Where the standard Male Angel's upper outfit has teal accents, Virunga's are dark purple. His hair is silver, and is in the same long, braided hairstyle as the generic Male Angel. His eyes are also a slightly darker blue than the generic. He is implied to be exceptionally good-looking for an angel, with Etna referring to him as "as handsome as the last Archangel wasn't," and one of his class titles in Disgaea RPG being "Beautiful Archangel."


Virunga is a calm, soft-spoken man devoted to his fellow angels. He often speaks of love, and how his own actions embody love, though appears not to entirely understand the concept. He speaks hurtfully to Sicily upon meeting her by referring to her as "Demon Angel" and nonchalantly speaking of how she is not trusted by the majority of Celestia, before assuming her actions in seeking out Laharl are to due with her demonic origin.

When referring to other angels, Virunga will use affectionate terms such as "angel friends" or "beloved angels," as well as referring to them as "his" angels. He is entirely loyal to Seraph Lamington, following every order given by him even if it contradicts the actions he was just taking. It's also shown that he values the safety and happiness of other angels above his own pride, and will step back from a firmly-held belief for the safety of others.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Virunga first appears at the end of Chapter 5, speaking with Seraph Lamington about the gate to Celestia's magic being mysteriously dispelled, thus trapping the angels sent to investigate the Netherworld.

He next appears in Chapter 7, when an unseen angel underling reports to him that "a demon kidnapped a young angel girl and is dragging her around with him," after hearing which he decides to head to the Netherworld to deal with the situation himself, claiming that he can't allow his search parties to be attacked.

Following this, he appears to Laharl and his party as part of his investigation into the situation. He immediately recognises him, pointing out that all high-ranking angels are aware of Overlord Laharl, before moving on to address Sicily as Demon Angel. Despite her obvious discomfort at being referred to as such, Virunga goes on to explain to the party that she is feared in Celestia as she's rumoured to have Overlord blood in her. After claiming only a Demon Angel would think to move to the Netherworld, he goes on to say that she is "still an angel," and thus cannot be left behind. When he offers a hand to her, Laharl smacks him away before asking if Virunga has even considered why Sicily would leave Celestia for the Netherworld. Virunga ignorantly responds that he thinks it to be because of her relation to Laharl and Overlord blood. Flonne then explains to him that Sicily was lonely in Celestia, being treated as an outcast by other angels, and so was seeking out a place to belong. Laharl then questions how he can talk about love without even realising something like that, before claiming that Flonne would make a far better Archangel than him despite her current status as a Fallen Angel. This is likely a reference to her role in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, where she has been reinstated as an angel and has taken up the Archangel position. Virunga reacts poorly to this, before regaining his composure and calmly stating that the decision regarding Sicily has already been made. He then attempts to take her by force, exclaiming to the party that he will show them the "Divine Punishment of Love."

When defeated, he insists to Laharl that his love will not lose, until Seraph Lamington appears and commands him to stop, telling Virunga that he has done his job. Virunga immediately gives in at the Seraph's command, and leaves the situation.

Virunga appears again in Episode 10, now allying himself with Laharl and his party for the sake of saving the captured angels. He was informed of the situation by the Female Angel that the party rescued, and rushed to assist. When Laharl insists he didn't ask for his help, Virunga responds saying that he's not trying to help him, and that he's here because he won't lose angels over his own stubbornness.

His final appearance is in the credits sequence, where he can be seen speaking to the rescued angels, presumably before taking them home to Celestia.

In Battle[]

Virunga appears with the Archangel class on the final map of Episode 7. When he appears here, he is Level 43. The only skills he has are his special skill, Angels Unite!, and Mega Heal.

Angels Unite! is a single-target D-rank skill with a range of 4. When using it, a halo appears above Virunga's head, and he spins himself into the air in a tornado of feathers. From there, he flings down multiple large, halo-like rings of light, which bind the target, and then orders a small troupe of angels to rain arrows down on them. After a large, final arrow strikes them, Virunga lands back in place on the map with a small flurry of feathers.

His unique Evility, Limitless Love, increases the stats of his angel allies by 50%.

He later appears as an ally in Episode 10, on the map Zygote of Pain. He is level 60 on this map, and appears in a small ally cluster along with Grosso, Rainier, and Garungun.



  • Virunga shares his Japanese voice actor, Wataru Hatano, with Fenrich.
  • Virunga is featured heavily in the Disgaea RPG Cat Café event, in which he runs a cat café in the Netherworld. The event reveals that he is very fond of Slumber Cats, as well as implying that there are a separate sort of Slumber Cats coming from Celestia, although those featured are visually and mechanically identical to an average Netherworld Slumber Cat.
  • An error in Disgaea RPG's text refers to Virunga with she/her pronouns on his character info screen.