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Viewing Room is an extra stage in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. The bill to unlock it becomes available after beating 25 Dark World stages.

This is one of the two extra stages that can be fought repeatedly.


Before the battle[]

Adell and Rozalin enter Baal Castle and find what seems to be a statue of Baal. However, the statue reacts to Rozalin's seal and starts moving, revealing that it was indeed the real Baal, who begins charging against Rozalin and starts the fight.

After the battle[]

Defeated, Baal's spirit flies away as his body vanishes. Rozalin teases Adell about calling her by name, and he tries to change the subject by going to pick up the Makai Wars dropped by Baal.


During subsequent visits the stage will contain a Prinny Baal at level 8000 accompanied by 4 regular Baals at level 4000.