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Viewing Room is the 5th and final stage of The Truth, and the final story stage of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.

For this stage only, Adell and Rozalin have a Team Attack chance of 99%.


Before the battle[]

The party finally reaches Zenon just as he finishes fighting other invading Overlords, so he's already tired. However he's unfazed about their presence, as he proceeds to trigger the curse to absorb energy from humans in order to power himself up, changing into a monstrous form in the process.


The post-battle cutscene depends on the ending achieved:

  • Good Ending: Don't meet the conditions for the other endings.
  • Bad Ending: Adell has 10 Felonies and over 50 Ally Kills.
  • Worst Ending: Adell has 99 Felonies and over 99 Ally Kills, one of which must be Rozalin.
  • Tink Ending: Beat Zenon using a level 1000 Tink.