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Victory! World Domination for Memory Making is the fourth episode of The Fuka and Desco Show.

Completing this episode unlocks Des X as a playable unit.


Desco is excited that she'll make Fuka's dream finally come true. Fuka states that she wants to take over the world with Desco despite trying to pay off her sins. The group supports Fuka and Desco's plan, even Artina (unwillingly), to take over the world before Fuka's reincarnation. They head over to Earth where they encounter Defenders of Earth willing to stop them. The group defeats the Defenders of Earth and heads to the next area where the Prism Rangers (all seven of them) appear to stop them. Valvatorez states to Desco that she must not lose as a final boss to the Prism Rangers and proves heroes don't always succeed.

An army of Fuka Bio-roids, named Justice Fuka appear to stop them. Fuka wonders how there is so many of her but Fenrich is pleased at being able to beat up so many Fukas. After the fight, they wonder who created the bio-roids and Valvatorez thinks the next battle will be the last one. At the last area, Desco asks the person who is trying to stop to come which turns out to be Des X. Des X reveals that Genjuro modified her and she is now reborn as Earth X, Earth's Guardian God. Fuka isn't surprised of what her dad has done but they figure it's to give Fuka her grand finale. They fight Earth X (who is the final boss) and win, Earth X states that the Earth is now in their hands and leaves.

Fuka decides it is time to say her goodbyes, stating she was glad to meet all her friends and that she will never forget them. As she tries to reincarnate, she cannot due some unknown reason, Flonne appears, stating she could not reincarnate because of 3 reasons: stealing a jillion HL, refusing to become a Prinny and taking over the world and states that those sins could not be repayable. Artina feels sorry for them with Emizel stating he knew this might happen. However, Fuka and Desco are very happy as they now have decided to take over Celestia and the Netherworld, stating to eliminate Axel first. Emizel tells them to accept the reincarnation with Fuka refusing. The narrator states that it was not long before Fuka and Desco became deities.


  • The Decisive Battle
  • Hero Infringement
  • Clone Attack
  • The Last Battle