Vato Brothers d3s 

Vato Brothers

Vato Brothers d3bu
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice character
Kana アタック兄弟
Romaji Atakku Kyoudai
Japanese Voice actor(s) Kazuha Yajima
English Voice actor(s)
Race Orc
Class Vato Brothers

The Vato Bros are a trio of Orc Honor Students in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. They have Latino accents, and make frequent appearances throughout the game much like Mid Boss in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Axel in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. However, they are only fought as a group twice. The three brothers are called Chewie, Cholo and Churro(ヤンス、ザンス、ゴザンス Yansu, Zansu, Gozansu). The only way to tell them apart is that Chewie frequently says "ese", Cholo frequently says "homes" and Churro frequently says "weddo". Mao often calls them the "Trio De Losers".

They originally were considered Mao's enemies, but after the events of Chapter 3 they consider Mao to be their boss. In the final chapter it is revealed that the Vato brothers have 200,000 other family members which they use to hold off the senior classmen to allow Mao and the rest to escape to the next level. They also show up in Raspberyl mode and the player can acquire the Vato Sword weapon in this mode.


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