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Dark Lord Valvoga

Dark Lord Valvoga

“Are you OK Zetta? You nearly gave me a Heart Attack!”
—Valvoga, Makai Kingdom

Dark Lord Valvoga is an Overlord from Makai Kingdom. Known as the Star Overlord, Valvoga is actually three Overlords in one, consisting of Micky the Demon General, Ophelia the Fallen Angel, and Dryzen the Star Dragon. Valvoga is often summoned to be the "last boss" in various video games. Micky forms the upper body, Dryzen forms the lower body in the form of a gigantic dragon skull with a glowing red orb within its mouth, and Ophelia forms herself into a head in a hole in Dryzen's skull, placing herself directly in the center of the "body". Micky is portrayed as a coward and speaks with a effeminate tone. Ophelia and Dryzen often bully Micky into doing what they want him to do, despite Micky being the "Leader".

Makai Kingdom[]

Valvoga was the first Overlord (apart from Pram) to come to the aid of Zetta after he lost his body.

Valvoga can also be fought as "True Valvoga" later on in the game after making a certain wish. Here, he finally shows some courage, talking down both Ophelia and Dryzen, uniting their minds for the first time. Beating him during this stage adds him as a playable character. He is proficient with certain melee weapons, and also learns magic.

Disgaea 2[]

In Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Valvoga appears in the Tera Star Spell.

Disgaea 4[]

In Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten a pirate ship based off of Valvoga is available as DLC. With the purchase of the ship, Valvoga's theme "The Devil's Descent" becomes purchasable in the Music Shop.

Other Games[]

Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman[]

Valvolga is another special boss in this title. Surprisingly, his profile states that he is Baal's replacement, having somehow conned the Tyrant Overlord out of the position of Final Bonus Boss. After defeating Valvoga, the Hero is given the Evil Hero set, which ressembles Valvoga and gives the Hero all of Valvoga's techniques, Top Star, Bottom Star, and Rear Star, having the complete set gives the Hero the technique Tera Star. All 4 techniques have the same animation as Valvoga's Tera Star.