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Valgipus IV is the 1st map of Super Dimensional Etna, the 1st episode of Etna Mode.


Etna's Prinny Squad buries a secret. However, now she needs a back-up plan, which consists of an unfortunate Prinny voluntueer and a pair of antennae.


This is the mode's first map. Three Ghosts surround a single Geo Panel with ATK+50% and DEF+50% effects active. Have Etna stand on this panel with the Prinny Squad surrounding her for an impressive defense. If she is using a Spear, Bow, or Gun, she can attack from behind her Prinnes, saving her from harm. If she is using close-range weaponry (Sword, Fist, Staff), have the Prinnies attack the Ghosts so that she can instantly kill them when they swarm her. When fighting the Zombie, have Etna take point while the Prinnies act as decoys. If things look grim, use one of the Mint Gums that Etna starts with. If worse comes to worse, don't hesitate to chuck a Prinny at the Zombie. (Though the Prinnies will explode, they cost only 1 HL to be revived, so not a big loss.)

Upon revisiting this map, the Zombie will be gone, but an extra Ghost will appear near the Geo Symbols.