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Valgipus IV
D1area 38
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese ヴァルギプスⅣ
Romaji Vu~arugipusu Ⅳ
Location Stellar Graveyard
Episode Episode 9: Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth
Enemies Lv. 30 Nekomata x8
Lv. 33 Dullahan
Bonus rank 15
Symbols None
Panels None
prevmap Under the Moon
Nextmap Thurvean Sector

Valgipus IV is the 1st map of Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth, the 9th episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Jennifer and Thursday got separated from Gordon in the crash. Meanwhile Laharl and his companions are investigating the Stellar Graveyard.


Eight Nekomatas are in a 3X3 position, perfect for a Mage's spells (Star, preferably, since Resistances can leave one standing) or a character's multi-target skills. (The Sword's Winged Slayer skill is perfect.) Though there is no EXP Bonus like other maps of this design, it's a great place to level newly created troops, and get them up to speed.