Cupid Angel

aka Luna

  • I live in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male


Raspberyl Mode Outfit Bust2

Hello, i'm new here hope you don't angry at me. I interested in Disgaea 3 & Disgaea 4 so i intend make a game from copy of Disagea 3 to RMVX Ace (not really same). If you want help me, leave message for me, i will give the download application and my projects (not done),

My WikiaEdit!!_Vanguard_Wiki


A: What characters you like from this wikia?

Me: Flonne, Etna, Marona, Raspberyl and Pram

A: If you become character in Disgaea, what job you choose?

Me: Catsaber/ Ranger/ Sorcerer

A: What element traits you like?

Me: TERA WIND!! COME HERE PUTTY!!! *cough*, i like wind element it has such positive and cute things from wind that i like.(Disgaea 3)

A: What comment if you one of the main character?

Me: BRING IT ON!! I'M GONNA CRUSH YOUR BRAIN WITH MY POWER!! *cough* Please be gentle with me, i'm totally weak, even though i can be helpful but not so much

Comment from ReadersEdit

Me: "Don't even try to comment or i'm gonna throw you like a prinny" *cough* "Please comment, as much as you like, i don't really mind at all"

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