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Treasure Chests

The three types of Treasure Chest.

Treasure Chests are a type of object that grant rewards when opened. Chests found out of battle can be opened just by interacting with them, while chests found in battle are opened by reducing their HP to 0. Chests can grant all types of items(Weapons, Accessories, consumable items), HL or Experience. For chests opened in battle, the Rank of the items or amount of resource granted depends on the stage's Bonus Rank.

Chests come in 3 types of rarity, indicated by their color, with the latter ones giving better rewards: Common(bronze), Rare(silver) and Legendary(gold). In the case of items, their Rarity will match the rarity of the chest.

Locations where you can find Treasure Chests:

  • In most of the games, a few are spawned in the main hub at the start of each episode.
  • In some Mystery Rooms. Notably, there's a recurring room that simply contains multiple chests free for the taking.
  • In certain story stages.
  • Randomly spawned in the Item World. Since Disgaea 4, the Treasure Route can be used to increase spawn chance.

Since Disgaea 3, the Thief class gets skills and Evilities that facilitate opening chests and improve their rewards, with Disgaea D2 introducing an Evility that can spawn chests when defeating enemies. Disgaea 7 moves those effects to the Bandit class, whose main specialty is handling Treasure Chests.

In Disgaea 7, some maps feature Jumbo Treasure Chests. These can only be opened with attacks from Jumbified units, but grant 5 rewards at once.