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Tragic Heroine is an extra stage in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days. The bill to unlock it becomes available by having a character with 33+ Felonies.


Before the battle[]

Adell and Rozalin stumble upon Asagi and question why she looks smaller than usual. She explains that a strange book cursed her and trapped her in this world, and in order to break the curse she needs to become stronger. Upon hearing this, Rozalin offers to fight her so she can prove her strength and cure her curse.

After the battle[]

Asagi is sad about her loss, and reminisces about her old world where she was a main character. Rozalin chastises Adell for not holding back and consoles Asagi, encouraging her to not give up. With renewed hope, Asagi thanks our heroes and gives them the Postcard as a token of her appreciation.