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Tragedyland is the 4th and final map of Rise of the Beauty Queen, the 3rd episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.

This map is not accessible until the player obtains at least one Felony.


Before the battle[]

Demon Lord Etna is resting after defeating some monsters, questioning whether Zenon is actually in this world. Her Prinnies assure her that the news confirmed his location and they even saw his daughter, and our heroes arrive just in time to confirm it. Etna asks them to take her to Zenon or she'll kill them. She tries to attack Rozalin and Adell jumps in front to protect her, angering Etna even more.

After the battle[]

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Our heroes have been defeated, and Etna confirms that this wasn't even a warm-up for her. She once again asks Rozalin to take her to Zenon, but Adell gets up ready to fight again while Rozalin questions his determination to protect her despite being enemies. Etna gives them one last chance by just asking for directions to Zenon, and Rozalin confesses that she doesn't actually know where he is and in fact hasn't even met him.

News Broadcast[]

SPOILERS, click "Expand" to view

Usagi reports that since Zenon's location was revealed Veldime has become a popular travel spot, and that with so many challengers maybe someone will finally find and defeat Zenon. Axel watches this broadcast and complains about not being credited despite being the one who shared the information about Zenon's whereabouts, and the Director reaffirms that their network has completely abandoned them.


The player is not meant to win this fight, so you just need to dispatch 10 characters and wait for Etna to defeat them all.

Actually defeating her(normally done in New Cycles) triggers the Etna Ending.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Beat the stage without Throwing.