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“"Strong desire from user to start his life over detected. TickTock will now activate."”


TickTock is a magical clock and plays a major role in Disgaea Infinite, TickTock is found by the main character Prinny while cleaning Laharl's room. After fixing TickTock, the Prinny discovers it is actually quite a powerful item. It is capable of telepathically speaking an understandable language with the voice of a young lady. TickTock helps the Prinny save his salary from being cut down (into a "negative salary", as Laharl put it).

With TickTock's help, the Prinny travels back in time to previous "save points" where he could try to unravel the mystery behind Laharl's "assassination" as well as some of the other weird things that happen at the Overlord's castle during the events of the game. It is implied that the Prinny kept TickTock after the events of the game.


Ticktock has a cheerful and overall helpful personality, gladly assisting the Prinny on its mis-adventures. TickTock wishes the Prinny good luck whenever they return to the past due to a dead end in their route. A noteworthy aspect of Ticktock's personality is that it will often narrate the events around her, apologizing occasionally for doing so.


Ticktock has displayed a myriad of abilities regarding time and time travel. The watch also displayed other abilities while it assisted the Prinny on its journey. It is capable of removing it's owners soul from their body, and presumably is the one responsible for giving the Prinny the ability to possess and manipulate people during the game. Ticktock can sense emotions, such as a strong desire to undo mistakes, and happily assists its owner.

Ticktock is capable of establishing 'save points' in time, letting its owner travel back in time to the last 'good' save point Ticktock has.

In addition, as stated above, Ticktock can telepathically speak with the Prinny of the game. It is unknown if it can do this to other characters, but it is assumed that this is possible.


  • During the Asagi ending, it was revealed that Asagi ordered TickTock from a company, in order to have Makai Wars released. However, the delivery man dropped her into a dimensional hole, explaining how she ended up in Laharl's room.
  • During the credits for the good ending, it is seen that TickTock may have the ability to fly.
  • TickTock also appears in Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited as the cause of Fuka and Desco going back 400 years in the past.