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The Thirteen Magistrates is a group of characters that appears in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. They work for Demmodore Opener and act as major antagonists throughout the game, often serving as stage bosses. They are listed below by their order of introduction.

Many of them are recolors of generic classes, and their color palette can be unlocked and used as that class' Extra Color 3.

Big Bull[]

D7 Big Bull Portrait

The "Protection Magistrate" in charge of guarding Ewwdo. A Male Armor Knight encased in a silvery suit of armor with dark skin and spiky silver hair. Proud of his high defense, he's constantly improving it as he seeks revenge on Higan for defeating him. First encountered on Episode 1.

Sea Again[]

D7 Sea Again Portrait

The "Ocean Magistrate" who rules over Hinomoto's waters. A green haired Ranger with green accents on his grey suit. Prior to the events of the story, he was a student under Mugai Zesshosai and fought alongside him against Demmodore Opener. First encountered on Episode 3. Wielder of the Demonic Gun of the Founding Weapons.


D7 Suisen Portrait
Main article: Suisen

The "Foreseeing Magistrate" who can predict the future. One of the main playable characters. A young android with green hair. First encountered on Episode 3, then reappears as the boss of Episode 5. Wielder of the Demonic Axe of the Founding Weapons.

Benikage/Crimson Dark[]

D7 Crimson Dark Portrait

The "Total Victory Magistrate". Uses a recolor of Void Dark from Disgaea 5, with a black cloak, red armor, black hair, grey skin and red eyes. Prior to the events of the story, Benikage was a student under Mugai Zesshosai. Is brutalised offscreen by Higan Zesshosai near the end of Episode 4, and ends up becoming a running gag where he gets beaten up off screen by Higan. Previous wielder of the Demonic Spear of the Founding Weapons.


D7 Sakoora Portrait

The "Song Princess Magistrate" who rules over the music industry. A lady fighter with purple hair, white belts and and pale skin. Her innocent image grants her a large amount of followers who will fight for her. First encountered on Episode 4.


D7 Yayaka Portrait

The "Gambling Magistrate" who controls the gambling industry. A Maiko with a red kimono and light purple hair. A formerly poor girl who managed to reach a prestigious position, her old mannerisms and attitude still show up when she gets angry. First encountered on Episode 5.


D7 Tenbuyer Portrait

The "Resale Magistrate" who controls the high-price resale industry. A silver Winged Warrior with red accents. First encountered on Episode 6.

Cannon Line[]

D7 Cannon Line Portrait
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The "Demonic Weapon Magistrate", who lacks combat prowess and instead produced powerful weapons for the Demmodore's army. Wielder of the Demonic Bow. First appears at the end of Episode 6.


D7 Yubana Portrait

The "Haunt Spring Magistrate" who oversees Hinomoto's hot spring inns. A purple haired Succubus with black wings and tail. First encountered on Episode 7.


D7 Akuma Portrait

The "Ping Pong Magistrate". A blue robed, brown haired Martial Artist that supposedly acts as an assassin for the Shogunate. He is an obsessive fool who used rhetorical rhetoric to become a Shogunate, but forcing his opponent to battle him at Ping-Pong and declares his victory to all of Hinomoto if they refuse, forcing them to fight him on his own terms. First encountered on Episode 7.


D7 Partyasu Portrait

The "Subjugation Magistrate". A tanned Male Samurai with orange hair, yellow robes and purple armour. He's Yeyasu's cousin, and his betrayal of his family helped bring about their demise. First encountered on Episode 8.


D7 Nitra Portrait
Main article: Nitra

The "Soulkeeper Magistrate". A pink haired angel with similar clothes to a Celestial Hostess. A former friend of Ceefore who shared her love of weapons, she now works for the Demmodore in hopes of becoming an Infernal Weapon herself.

Joe Doe[]

The "Head Magistrate" who oversees the group as its leader. A living Infernal Treasure created by Mugai. He does not have a defined appearance, and takes possession of various bodies as you encounter him. First encountered on Episode 13.