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The Two Ninjas is the 10th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Initial Cutscene[]

Etna is furious at having been summoned by mistake, and leaves while claiming our heroes are in debt to her because of it. However she immediately returns as she realizes her level has gone down to 1. They inform her that the nail was used as a summoning material and she realizes the failed summoning is her own fault, though of course she keeps it a secret. As she now can't fight back against the Overlords that will come looking for her, she forces herself into the party so they help her regain her lost levels.

At the Dimension Gate[]

Etna's Prinnies have come looking for her, and they find out about her level drop. Realizing that she now lacks the power to oppose them, they quit and abandon her. Etna orders our heroes to help her chase after them, since allegedly they're at fault for this mess.