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The Truth is the thirteenth and final episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Adell and co. enter the Fake Zenon's palace, only to be greeted by the man himself. Rozalin, furious at the Fake Zenon for 'disgracing her father's name' swears to kill him, but is shocked to hear that the Fake Zenon knows all about her. Adell intercedes and denies that the Fake Zenon has any feelings for Rozalin, much to the fake's anger. He summons several guards to kill them, but are quickly dispatched. After the victory, twelve Malchidiels arrive to kill the group, only to be subdued by Axel's flute. The group continues, intent on finding Fubuki and the fake Zenon, while Axel buys them time by fooling the heroes and Overlords arriving to defeat Zenon.

Once the group meets Fubuki, Yukimaru attempts to bring him to his senses. Horrified by his actions, he realizes his mistakes and teaches Yukimaru her ultimate skill, Midari Fubuki. The foes are quickly eliminated and the group proceeds.

At the final area of the game, Viewing Room, the entire party meets up with the fake Zenon, only to mock the group by saying that as long humans exist, he is immortal. He transforms into his true form and attacks the group.

Defeated, he asks Adell if he is truly human, which he confirms and Zenon attempts one final attack to wipe the group out.