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The Overlord's Daughter is the first episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


The episode begins with Mom attempting to summon Overlord Zenon (at the cost of 'sacrificing a bit of life energy' from Dad, Hanako, and Taro), so they can kill him and end the corruption that is spreading throughout Veldime. However, they wind up summoning Rozalin, the Overlord's Daughter, and binding her to Adell.

Adell and his family question whether or not Rozalin is truly Zenon's daughter. She shows them a seal of a 4-leafed clover, which only Zenon and those close to him are permitted to use. Dad says that all the humans-turned-demons have a 3-leafed clover mark as a sign that the curse is affecting them.

At this point, the game begins to instruct the player in how to access the Dimension Guide and how to save, etc. Dad says he hired some people to accompany Adell - a Fighter, a Red Mage, and a Healer.

Adell tells Rozalin his only goal is to defeat Zenon, and he needs Rozalin to lead him there. Rozalin mocks the idea that Adell can defeat her father, who is called "The God of all Overlords." Adell apologizes for having summoned Rozalin, and promises to bring her to her father.

The player progresses through the Tutorial stage, and upon returning to Holt, Mom says the shops are open, and points out the Hospital.

Towards the end, Axel also appears, Rozalin then tells Adell that Axel is Overlord Zenon, Adell rushes into battle. Axel believes Adell and Co. to be "tribesmen" that are attacking him. Adell quickly dispatches Axel, causing everyone to believe (or at least, want to believe) that Axel is dead.