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The Overlord's Daughter is the 1st episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Initial Cutscene[]

In Holt Village in the quiet world of Veldime, Adell and his Mom have prepared a ritual to summon Overlord Zenon so Adell can defeat him and remove the curse that turned all humans except for him into monsters. However something seems to have gone wrong with the ritual, as they end up summoning a girl named Rozalin, who claims to be the one and only daughter of Zenon.

Adell's Dad questions if she's really Zenon's daughter, which she proves by showing her four-leaf clover emblem. Rozalin is not pleased with her situation, but Adell's Mom explains that the ritual binds her to remain by Adell's side, so now she'll have to accompany him in his search for Zenon.

At the Dimension Gate[]

Rozalin is impressed by the outside world, as she explains that she's never left her mansion. She doesn't like the idea of being a hostage, however Adell claims that he truly intends to return her to her father. She questions his intentions, but ultimately decides to trust him and bring him to her father.