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The Freshmen Leader! is the third episode of Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Mao says that this business with Almaz's 'fake title' has distracted him from his true objective, which is to defeat the Overlord. Almaz wonders if it is impossible for a demon to open up his heart. Kyoko and Asuka appear, injured and dazed. Beryl was taken into custody by the "PTA", Perfectly Trained Assassins that work for the School Board. Kyoko believes that Beryl will be 'disciplined through physical abuse' to remove her delinquency. Mao wants to know what this has to do with him; Asuka says that Beryl always said, "If anything happens to me, go find Mao." Kyoko begs Mao to rescue Beryl, and Mao ridicules the concept. Almaz points out that Mao will never get a true hero's powers if he ignores those who need help.

Almaz wants to know if Beryl was really Mao's friend. Mao says he has no friends, a demon should never have friendship; Mao only needs and has loyal slaves. Geoffrey applauds Mao's true heartlessness. Geoffrey reminds Mao that today is the day when the Evil Academy will select the Number 1 Honor Student to become the Freshman Class Leader.

Geoffrey narrates a description of the Battle Royale; students fight all over campus and the winner in each grade becomes Class Leader. "Statistics show that only those who were Class Leader attain the title of Demon Lord."

Kyoko says it was foolish of them to ask Mao for help. Almaz asks Mao to reconsider helping Beryl, and not worry so much about a silly title. Mao points out that Almaz cares about titles too.