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The Flashback Episode is a DLC episode for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. Once downloaded, it's unlocked automatically after beating the main story.

This episode tells the story of how Valvatorez and Fenrich first met. Clearing it unlocks Tyrant Valvatorez as a playable unit. Note that no story characters except for Fenrich can be used in its stages.


With Fear the Great defeated the party has some free time, and the girls decide it's a good opportunity to hear the full story about how Fenrich met Valvatorez and the promise he made to the moon. Fenrich refuses to tell them, but as Fuuka threatens to ask Valvatorez instead, Fenrich decides he'd rather tell the story himself.

Thus begins a story of when Fenrich was a mercenary and had been tasked to assassinate... Tyrant Valvatorez himself.


  • Meeting Fenrich
  • A Demon Named Tyrant
  • A Prideful Demon
  • Tyrant Valvatorez