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Terrible Cold is the 3rd map in Chronicles of Etnarnia (Continued), the 4th and final episode of Etna Mode.


Flonne asks Etna why she killed Laharl. After a failed attempt to change the subject, Etna answers she didn't like the brat. Flonne gets sad, because she believes Etna must feel remorse and therefor is hiding her true feelings. Etna denies it and says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Vyers watches them and comments that Flonne seems the perfect candidate to bridge the gap between Celestia and the Netherwold.


There are 3 Geo symbols with negative effects. These can be used to block the path so the monsters can't advance. Just make sure the 'Damage 20%' is on a Red panel. Once the Symbols are in place, the enemies will get 20% Damage every turn, so its just a matter of being patient. When all the enemies are gone, the symbols can be moved again or destroyed. Finish off the remaining Ninja to clear the stage.