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Terrible Cold
D1area 21
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness map
Japanese 魔氷
Romaji Mahyō
Location Jotunheim
Episode Episode 5: Etna's Secret
Enemies Lv. 14 Empusa x5
Lv. 14 Nekomata x3
Bonus rank 9
Symbols Lv. 14 D1 Symbol Red 'Invincibility'
Panels Red (almost whole map)
prevmap Endless White
Nextmap Ice Queen

Terrible Cold is the 3rd map in Etna's Secret, the 5th episode of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.


Laharl, Etna and Flonne continue on their way to find Laharl's blackmailer, only for a group of Nekomata and Succubi to appear and reveal Laharl's other weakness: women with sexy bodies. Laharl then makes a comment about how Etna and Flonne don't faze him due to their flat chests, making them both extremely angry. Suddenly, a vampire named Maderas, an old servant of Laharl's father who was banished for stealing the King's favorite snack, appears and reveals that not only was he the one who sent the letter, but also that he had been blackmailing Etna into doing whatever he wanted. Etna then asks for her payment of her memories, only for Maderas to double-cross her, leaving his squad of Sexy Demons to get rid of the three.


This is the first map with the Invincibility Geo Symbol, and thus one which can be exploited easily. The player can combine all of the enemies into one high-level one, then throw her onto the single green panel, allowing the characters to damage the enemy without being damaged themselves. Care must be taken not to combine too many enemies, as the final enemy's defense may be too high to overcome. Because of the potential to create a single high-level enemy, the map is one of the best for level grinding early on.