[NOTE: The below data is based on an old version that listed all class variants separately. Since nobody had taken the time to list each individual variant for any of the classes and I personally think it works more cleanly without them, I trimmed it to just the individual class names. - User:Falterfire, 11/27/17]

Repeat these 3 lines as necessary for additional Classes

! class="D5b" | <!-- Class-Game link goes here -->
|align="center"| <!-- Tier names go here -->

As long as this line of text is present: The vertical order of Classes is not set in stone! It is being done alphabetically for now, but reordering will take place in a future edit (probably once we have some hard&complete data on how the classes are ordered in the game). Alphabetical is so we can compare what's here to what's in Category:Disgaea 5 Classes.

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