Team Attack in Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

A Team Attack being performed in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.

The Team Attack is a special kind of attack that can be preformed by having allies adjacent with a regular attack against an adjacent target. Up to four allies can attack a target in this way. Team Attacks do not expire the ability to perform an action for other allies who take part in the Team Attack, meaning that they can still preform other actions such as attacking or using a healing spell. In addition, allies who have already performed an action can still participate in the Team Attack.

It is not possible to perform a Team Attack using a Special Technique attack or attacking a non-adjacent target, using a ranged weapon such as a bow, spear or gun or a ranged monster's attack. An ally or target must be one grid space to the left, right, front, or back to the attacker to count as an adjacent target or ally for the purposes of Team Attacks.

Defeating a target using a Team Attack will give half the normal amount of experience points the main attacker would have earned to all participants of the Team Attack. In this way, it is possible to increase the level of characters that have fallen behind in experience, or who have just reincarnated and thus have their level reset to level 1.

Team Attacks are not guaranteed to activate if allies are adjacent. The percent chance for an adjacent ally to take part in a Team Attack is shown in a window when they can take part in it. Sometimes, the chance is zero percent, but usually it is above zero percent. The Chance of Team Attack increases for characters who have higher affinity with one another, for characters who use no weapons or have the same weapon as the main attacker, and for characters who have a relation due to the Extra Gain system, for example pupils/students and mentors/masters of the main attacker.

In Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Captain Gordon, Thursday, Jennifer, and Kurtis will automatically have a 100% Chance of Team Attack when pairing up with another one in the group.

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