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Disgaea D2 Baal

Baal, the most notable superboss, in his Disgaea D2 incarnation.

Superbosses in the Disgaea series are bosses that are completely optional and serve to challenge the player. These variety of bosses are usually more powerful than the game's final boss, have very high stats and levels, and carry some of the game's best equipment, all to orders of magnitude greater than the final boss. They also tend to have skills with high power and range, and have very powerful Evilities exclusive to themselves. Most (if not always) of these adversaries can be unlocked by completing extra levels in the Post Game, passing a special bill to unlock their stage, or recruiting all of the Post Game and DLC characters in the case of Baal for the Vita ports of Disgaea 3 and 4. One thing they all have in common is that they serve little to no purpose in the main plot.

To qualify as a Superboss, an enemy has to have a level range of 2000 to 9999, have their own special stage, must not be mandatory in order to complete the main story, and have much higher stats than what is expected at their level. The rewards for defeating a Superboss may vary, for some will join the party (ex. Marjoly, Zetta, Priere), some will give out the game's best equipment (ex. Super Time Engine, Great Baal Horn), or some may give out special titles(ex. the Tyrant title by defeating Baal). The player can also earn trophies by defeating Superbosses in a Disgaea game that has Trophy support.

List of Recurring Superbosses[]

Minor Superbosses[]

  • Adell (Afternoon of Darkness/DS. Fought at Level 2000)
  • Rozalin (Afternoon of Darkness/DS. Fought at Level 2500)
  • Etna (The Prinny games)
  • Darkdeath Evilman(Disgaea D2. Fought at Level 2000).


  • Ironically despite Adell being the least powerful of the Disgaea main protagonists, he is the only lead character to ever become a Superboss albeit the lowest leveled.
  • Zettai Hero Project: Unlosing Ranger VS. Darkdeath Evilman is the only game where Baal isn't a Superboss, his position being taken over by Valvoga.