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Super Dimensional Etna is the 1st episode in Etna Mode, a bonus campaign in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the Netherworld, the land of demons, chaos has erupted. Two years ago, King Krichevskoy was killed, leaving the throne empty and a trophy for vying demons.

In the depths of the castle, Etna tries to wake a sleeping Prince Laharl, to no avail. After several attempts, she pulls out a gun and aims it at the Prince. Laharl finally rouses, demanding to know who dares awaken him. Etna fires the gun, shooting Laharl, and she wonders if she killed him. Her reflection seems to last for about 2 seconds before she decides to inherit the title of Overlord.

Etna's Prinny Squad buries the Prince in the Stellar Graveyard. Meanwhile, Etna keeps wondering why the Prince died so easily from a single gunshot. Though she seems alright with the turn of events, she does realize Laharl's death poses a bit of a problem. Her solution for this entails sticking a pair of antennae on one of the prinnies and promoting him to 'Fake Laharl'.

Back in the castle, it seems not everyone is convinced of Etna's ruse, and she has to spendé" a considerable amount to buy their silence. Of course, she used the Prinnies' money. She is an evil demon after all. Then one of the prinnies reports there is a new demon, named Vyers, rapidly gaining popularity. At first, Etna is not interested in that piece of information, but when she learns he's after the throne, she realises she has no other choice but to face him.

Etna and her prinny squad enter Vyers' castle and start looting the place. In the last room, they finally encounter Vyers, who calls himself 'The Dark Adonis'. Etna puts her Fake Laharl to the test, but Vyers isn't fooled in the least.

After the battle, Vyers asks Etna if her conscience doesn't ache. More specifically, he asks if she has no regard for the wishes of her master. Etna disagrees, saying the king would understand. It's time to live her own life.

At the end of the chapter, a meeting takes place between Etna and a mysterious person. She does not tell him what has transpired, instead continuing the ruse that Laharl woke up. They reconfirm their deal: the Overlord title in exchange for something Etna wants. However, she does not look very happy about it..