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Summoned Overlord is the 9th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Initial Cutscene[]

Our heroes head back home with sadness in their hearts, unaware of Zenon's defeat. Etna visits the next morning to inform them of her victory, but something's off, as the curse hasn't been lifted and Etna's title didn't change. Adell reasons that it was perhaps a fake Zenon, and Etna leaves. Adell's Mom appears and suggest trying summoning again but this time try to summon "The Strongest Demon in the World", which should take less preparation than the precious ritual. The only missing material would be an Overlord's Nail or even Demon Lord's Nail, so our heroes decide to follow after Etna.

At the Dimension Gate[]

Taro confirms with the Gate Keeper that Etna went to Alche City, setting up their next destination. Now it's a matter of finding Etna and hoping she cooperates.