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"A cyborg known as the Foreseeing Magistrate. He uses his superior intel-gathering to accurately predict the future." - Disgaea 7, Suisen's Unit Info

Suisen is a character in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless. He is first introduced during chapter 3 as the "Foreseeing Magistrate", giving assistance to the "Ocean Magistrate". He reappears during chapter 5 as the secondary antagonist and the boss of the chapter. After being defeated at the end of the chapter, he is recruited into the party as the final playable named character (before Ao in the post-game). He is a Strength focused Monster character that uses the Gunner class.



Suisen appears with a short boyish appearance, with the physical appearance of a pre-teen boy. He possesses teal green hair cut in an uneven bowl that exposes his face, pale creamy skin and pupiless yellowish-green eyes. One of his legs appears to be of a dark skin tone than the rest of his body, implying he may be a patchwork under his school boy-esk uniform.

Suisen's most defining feature is his android body, with especial note for his horn that he often touches while calculating his predictions. His ears seem to have been replaced with blue-tooth headset style ear mounts, like used to communicate easily with other members of the Shogunate or the party. Both his hands appear to be entirely replaced with bulbous robotic ones with noticeably segmented fingers and large green dots above the fingers where his knuckles, evoking the image of hand mounted gun barrels seem on other android characters in fiction, such as Aigis from Persona 3. His feet are encased in a pair of comically oversized metal boots, each adorned with horns similar to the one on his head and a noticeable amount padding at the bottom, no doubt to compensate for his lacking height.

Behind his back hover a pair of teal and cerulean mechanical objects, that act as weapon platforms to support him in battle.


Giving off the general vibe of being cold and calculating, Suisen's personality is pretty standard for android characters in fiction. The plot reveals that he was built using multiple Infernal Treasures, one of which grants him the ability to perform accurate calculated predictions of the actions of those he encounters and his environment, claiming to be able to predict the weather and even when a person who he has analyzed will pick their nose. Prior to his recruitment, the majority of his dialogue involves him stating his predictions of the outcome of incoming events, such as battles. His predictions are so accurate that his has gained a reputation for never being wrong.

Suisen struggles to adapt on the rare cases of his predictions being wrong, causing him to be slow to react and more than happy to just go with the flow of those around him in an attempt to catch up. He speaks politely with little to no expressed emotion, yet gives off a vaguely pleasant vibe.

​​Spoiler warning: plot and/or ending details follow.

As Ikki, we see that he was a cheerful little boy who looked up to his elder brother Yeyasu and loved him dearly. Very few scenes of Ikki are seen, but each time he interacts with Yeyasu in them he seems to be encouraging him. His admiration for his brother is further expanded on in Postlude: Reminiscence, when he recalls that both he and their father Gachiyasu thought of the promising young Yeyasu as "their star." Despite his young age, it seems that Ikki was a noble child with a strong sense of duty, shown by him urging Yeyasu to forget about him for the sake of Hinomoto when he was captured by Opener and Partyasu.


First appearing in chapter 3, alongside the "Ocean Magistrate" Sea Again, Suisen does not participate in combat when introduced, instead acting as support for his ally, intimidating the party with his predictions of their impending defeat. When the fishing magistrate is defeated as the boss of chapter 3, he quietly slips away leaving his fellow magistrate to his fate after his defeat at the hands of the party.

He reappears in chapter 5 following the defeat of the "Gambling Magistrate", where he attempts to apprehend the party for being fugitives of the Shogunate. He again clearly and plainly states that his calculations predict that they have no chance against him, which is backed up by an un-playable battle that happens during the opening dialogue of scenario 6. He states that he was made using multiple Infernal Treasures, backed up by Ceefore stating he seems to have multiple souls within him from the many living weapons within him. The party manages convince him to battle them using demon shogi, with his Shogunate subordinates first fighting the battle and losing, Suisen having actively sent them to their deaths against the party to gather data on them. The party battles in vain against him, before teaming up to outplay him. Startled by his defeat Suisen flounders before the party. In response from the party to hand over the Axe of the Founding Weapons, he reveals it was built into his body and is the source of his prediction ability. The party is quickly swarmed by Shogunate goons attempting to capture them, they claim Suisen as their prize, as the entire reason they were at the casino was to win the axe and as its a part of his body, taking Suisen as the prize is the next best thing. Suisen does not resist this, being dragged along in the party's flow. He is recruited into the party at the start of Chapter 6 at level 30.


Other Appearances[]

Disgaea RPG[]

Suisen appears as an obtainable character.