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Strongest Hallway is the second non-Tutorial map in Ch 1: Netherworld Honor Student in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.


Geoffry says that the title of Hero may be affecting Mao, turning him into a well-mannered delinquent; he should hurry and accomplish his goal before the title kills him. Mao is less than amused.

Almaz asks why Mao must defeat his father, the Overlord. Mao says his father... crushed all his video games. He spent 4 million hours, and all the data was destroyed. Almaz thinks its a silly reason to fight, but if Mao and the Overlord fight, then Almaz will achieve his own goals... and he realizes he had just thought of an evil scheme. Is the Demon-in-Training title affecting him too?


The mobs are not excessively strong, but the Catsabers have some good Counter going on, and the Ghost casts fire. In addition, all the height changes make using Sword and Fist specials unfeasible. There is a 50% Exp Block, which is nice, but getting it into position can be a bit of a pain. The Catsabers will move towards the player once the characters get close enough, so leaving the Exp Block on red is probably the best plan.