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A Status Ailment is a condition that afflicts characters and causes them to behave abnormally, reducing their abilities in combat.

Various skills throughout the games can inflict ailments, and there's Specialists and Evilities that give your normal attacks a chance to inflict them as well. They usually last 3 turns, and resistance to each of them is only gained by equipping corresponding Specialists or Evilities.

The chance of successfully inflicting an ailment doesn't grow with your stats, depending only on the base chance of the attack/skill inflicting it and the target's ailment resistance. In Disgaea 5(and possibly previous games), if the target's RES stat is higher than the inflictor's INT then they get increased resistance to all ailments.

List of Status Ailments[]

Poison IconPoison[]

Poisoned units take damage equal to 20% of max HP at the start of each turn. Before Disgaea 6, Defending cuts this damage in half.

Sleep IconSleep[]

Sleeping units cannot act or move. Attacks against Sleeping units are always Critical, don't trigger counters and (since Disgaea 5) cannot miss, but will cure this ailment.

Paralysis IconParalysis[]

Paralyzed units cannot move and their SPD is set to 1.

Amnesia IconAmnesia[]

Also known as Forget. Amnesiac units cannot use skills and (since Disgaea 5) their INT is set to 1.

Weaken IconDeprave/Weaken[]

Depraved units have their stats decreased by 20% and cannot earn EXP/Mana. Disgaea 5 renamed it to Weaken, also changing the stat decrease to 30%.

Shrink IconShrink[]

Only in Disgaea 5. Shrinked units cannot use normal attacks or skills. Only lasts 1 turn.

Charm IconCharm[]

Introduced in Disgaea 5. Charmed units cannot be controlled and will automatically attack their ally units at the start of their turn.

Stun IconStun[]

Only in Disgaea 7. Stunned units cannot act or move. Only lasts 1 turn.

Toxic IconToxic[]

Only in Disgaea 7. A stronger version of Poison which deals damage equal to 40% max HP. Effects that grant Poison resistance or immunity also apply to Toxic.

Puppet IconPuppet[]

Only in Disgaea 7. Puppeted units are controlled by the opposing team and will act during that team's turn.

Reverse IconReverse[]

Only in Disgaea 7. Reversed units gain HP from taking damage and lose HP from being healed.

Bind IconBind[]

Only in Disgaea 7. Bound units cannot move.

Freeze IconFreeze[]

Only in Disgaea 7. Frozen units cannot act or move. Cured automatically by taking Fire damage.