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Like many role-playing games, Disgaea has statistics, numbers which represent a character's strengths and weaknesses. Everything is run by the stats and the random number generator within the game.

List of Stats[]

D5 Status Screen

A status screen in Disgaea 5 showing various stats.

Main Stats[]

These are the stats that grow as a character's Level goes up.

  • Hit Points (HP) - Gauge that depletes as a character takes damage. If it reaches 0, the character dies.
  • Special Points (SP) - Energy consumed to use special skills.
  • Attack (ATK) - Increases the damage inflicted by most physical attacks.
  • Defense (DEF) - Decreases the damage received from physical attacks.
  • Intelligence (INT) - Increases the damage inflicted by magical attacks.
  • Resistance (RES) - Decreases the damage received from magical attacks and increases healing power.
  • Hit (HIT) - Increases the accuracy of your attacks.
  • Speed (SPD) - Increases your evasion against attacks.

Secondary Stats[]

  • Movement IconMove (Mv) - Maximum distance that a character can move.
  • Jump IconJump (Jm) - Maximum height increase when moving to an adjacent panel.
  • Range IconRange (Rng) - How far the character's normal attacks can reach.
  • Throw IconThrow (Thr) - How far a character can throw another.
  • Counter IconCounter (Ctr) - The number of counter attacks a character can perform per turn.
  • Critical IconCritical Rate (Crit) - Chance of attacks resulting in a Critical Hit, increasing their damage.
  • Elemental Resistance - Modifies damage taken from elemental attacks.
  • Weapon Resistance - Modifies damage taken from physical attacks, depending on the attacker's weapon.
  • Aptitude - Multiplier to the stats gained from equipment.
  • Weapon Mastery - Proficiency with each weapon. Grants bonuses as it levels up.


  • Experience - Points gained towards leveling up.
  • Mana - Currency used to pay for upgrades.
  • Evility - Passive effects that strengthen a character or their stats.
  • Class Proficiency - Improvement system that grants higher stats and new Evilities.

Item Only[]

  • Item Level - Growth from going through an item's Item World.
  • Rarity - The quality of a specific instance of an item.
  • Rank - The power level of an item relative to others of its type.


There's numerous systems that can be used to improve the stats on characters or their equipment:

  • Aptitude: Applies a multiplier on the stats gained from all equipment.
  • Same Rarity Bonus: Strengthens equipment with matching rarity.
  • Weapon Mastery: Grants a multiplier on the stats gained from Humanoid weapons.
  • Level-based Multiplier: Grants a multiplier on the stats from all equipment except Humanoid weapons. (D1 and D2 only)
  • Specialists: Adds stats to equipment.
  • Extra Gain: Gain stats from associated characters.
  • Geo Symbols: Grant bonuses to those standing in the affected area.
  • Evilities: Passive effects on each character.