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Like many role-playing games, Disgaea has statistics, numbers which represent a character's strengths and weaknesses. Everything is run by the stats and the random number generator within the game.

List of Stats[]

Main stats:

  • HP - The hit points, or health of a character. Once this number reaches 0, the character or object is dead.
  • SP - Energy consumed to use special skills.
  • Attack (ATK) - Increases the damage inflicted by most physical attacks.
  • Defense (DEF) - Reduces the damage received from physical attacks.
  • Intelligence (INT) - Increases the damage inflicted by magical attacks.
  • Resistance (RES) - Reduces the damage received from magical attacks and increases healing power.
  • Hit (HIT) - Increases the accuracy of your attacks.
  • Speed (SPD) - Increases your evasion against attacks.

Other values:

  • Level - Measurement of a character's growth.
  • Experience - Points gained towards leveling up.
  • Mana - Type of currency associated to each character.
  • Move (MV) - The distance that a character can traverse in one turn.
  • Jump (JM) - The maximum height difference an adjacent higher panels can have so that a character can move directly to it.
  • Throw (TW) - How far a character can throw another.
  • Counter - The maximum number of counter attacks a character can perform in one turn.
  • Critical Hit Rate - Chance of attacks dealing increased damage.
  • Elemental Affinity - Indicator of a character's tolerance to each element.
  • Aptitude - Effectiveness of the stat gain from equipment.
  • Weapon Mastery - Measurement of your proficiency with each weapon.

Item only:

  • Rarity - The quality of a specific instance of an item.
  • Rank - The strength of an item relative to others of its type.


On top of the stats gained from leveling up and from equipment, there's numerous systems that may increase your total stats even further:

  • Aptitude: A multiplier on the stats gained from all equipment.
  • Weapon Mastery: Gives you a multiplier on the stats gained from human weapons.
  • Level-based Multiplier: Multiplier on the stats from all equipment except human weapons.
  • Specialists: Add stats to equipment.
  • Extra Gain: Gain stats from the characters you create.
  • Geo Symbols: Grant bonuses to those standing in the affected area.
  • Evilities: Passive effects on each character.