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Stationary Bonus(also known as Combo Bonus) is a feature introduced in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories that increases the power of a unit as it keeps doing actions without moving. This modifier was removed in Disgaea 5.

The bonus is added to the Base Power of attacks/heals used, and also applied as a multiplicative increase to accuracy. How much you gain per action goes down as the bonus accumulates, although it's extremely rare to reach values beyond the first tier:

  • +10% until 100%
  • +5% until 150%
  • +3% until 210%
  • +2% until 250%
  • +1% until 475%

It's important to note that the bonus grows per individual action, not per turn, so effects that let you do multiple actions per turn(like counter attacks or Attack +1 panels) help charge it faster. Also, it only resets by using the Move command, and won't be lost by being thrown or pushed.