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Tera Heal

Tera Heal being casted in Disgaea 4.

Spells are a kind of Special Technique that have variable max range and area of effect.

An important trait of spells is that, while only some characters learn each spell naturally, various systems throughout the franchise(Extra Gain, Reincarnation, inheritance through Class/Chara World, Scrolls) allow almost any character to learn any spell to further improve their moveset.



There's many kinds of spells, making magic users very versatile:

  • Offensive
  • Healing
  • Buff
  • Debuff
  • Ailment

Offensive spells are split into the 4 elements(Fire, Wind, Ice and Star). Also, offensive and healing spells come in up to 6 tiers of increasing power(Normal, Mega, Giga, Omega, Tera and Peta).

Range and Area[]

Spell Area

The area selection for spells.

All spells start with short range and affecting only 1 panel, however these will increase as the spell becomes stronger(higher Skill Level or Evility Shop boosts) or if the user wields Staves(see Weapon Mastery).

There's 9 areas of effect, and they are unlocked in ascending order:

  • 1 panel
  • 2 panels diagonally
  • 3 panels in a line
  • 4 panels in a 2x2 square
  • 5 panels in a cross shape
  • 6 panels in a 3x2 rectangle
  • 7 panels in an 8-shaped formation
  • 8 panels in a ring around the target panel
  • 9 panels in a 3x3 square

Those of non-symmetrical shape can be rotated to facilitate hitting the desired targets. A character is free to choose which area they want every time they use a spell once they have more than one area unlocked, though using larger areas spends more SP. From Disgaea D2 onward, offensive spells deal 10% less damage per panel used beyond the first.

Lists of Spells[]

Below are lists with the spells available in each game, the strength of their effect, and who learns them naturally: