Specialists (in some games, Innocents) are a unique gameplay feature in the Disgaea series. Any item in the game -- Weapons, Armor, food or drink Items, and others -- can be inhabited by 'residents' that boost a particular statistic or attribute. Each item has a limit to the number of residents that may inhabit it, dependent upon the rarity level. While Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (along with its PSP and DS remakes) had a greater population limit, the available space has been significantly reduced in the sequels, usually following the pattern of a limit of four Specialists in common items, five in rare, and six in legendary items.

Most typically, the Specialists encountered on an item will boost a stat such as attack power or total hit points. Some rarer residents increase critical hit chance or even boost the overall experience and mana gained from enemy kills; while any combination of residents was once possible in Disgaea:HOD, the sequels again restrict which items and at what levels certain Specialists appear.

As a general rule, all residents on an item begin hostile to the player: only by entering the Item World and subduing (killing in combat) a Specialist will it be available to be moved between items. The other benefit to subduing a Specialist is that the base level of the resident is immediately doubled; combining these subdued residents can produce a Specialist that confers powerful bonuses to single or multiple stats. Beginning in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, it became possible for dual-stat Specialists to be created via a unique event in the Item World. By placing a Mediator (a very rare resident) in an item with a pair of subdued residents and an empty population slot, the player has a chance of witnessing a marriage between the two stat-boosting Specialists in Innocent Town (a rest area sometimes encountered after clearing every tenth floor of an item) resulting in the creation of a dual-stat Specialist.

Certain Specialists appear or disappear in different games according to in-game mechanics. For example, the Statistician was not present in Disgaea 2 due to the Dark Court system, and with the removal of weapon proficiencies in Disgaea 3, Armsmasters are absent.

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All Specialists that appear in any given game are collected into a list for that game. Only a few Specialists have individual pages. These are listed below.

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