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Specialists, later renamed to Innocents, are a unique item improvement feature in the Disgaea series.


Usage: Any item in the game -- Weapons, Accessories, consumable Items, and others -- can be inhabited by 'residents' that increase its statistics or grant bonus effects.

Population: Each item has a limit to the number of residents that may inhabit it, depending on its rarity.

Level and Fusion: All Specialists have a level, determining the strength of their effect. Those of the same type can be combined together, adding their levels and freeing up population slots.


  • By default, Specialists come in the Innocent Icon 1 Unsubdued state, and cannot be moved between items. Unsubdued Specialists can be randomly found as units inside the Item World.
    • From Disgaea 5 onwards, unsubdued Specialists can be moved but can't be fused.
  • Defeating an unsubdued Specialist makes it Innocent Icon 2 Subdued, which doubles its level and makes it possible to move it between items.
    • Before Disgaea 5, combining a subdued Specialist with an unsubdued one will undo the subduing, removing the level doubling.
  • Disgaea 3 introduced Innocent Icon 3 Unique Specialists, that grant fixed passive effects(similar to Evilities) instead of numerical bonuses. These Specialists are already subdued, and can't be fused or moved.

Innocent Farm[]

A feature introduced in Disgaea 5, accessed through the NPC in charge of managing Innocents. Innocents can be left in care of the farm, and as the player clears stages the level of those Innocents will grow or new ones will be born. See the corresponding List of Innocents for further details on how it works in each game.

List of Specialists[]

For an overview of the Specialists/Innocents available in each game and their effect, please consult their respective pages, listed below.