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Meteor Impact Disgaea PSP 4

Laharl using Meteor Impact in Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.

A Special Technique, also known as simply Skill or Special, is one of the basic actions that units can perform in battle. Special techniques can have all sorts of effects, including powerful attacks with increased range or area of effect, healing effects, and some that apply ailments, buffs, or debuffs.

Special techniques need to spend a certain amount of SP to be used, limiting the amount of specials that a unit can use in a battle.

Types of Special Techniques[]

There are various types of Specials, with different learning/use requirements.

Weapon Skills[]

Specials learned by Humanoid units through the Weapon Mastery and Weapon Forte systems. Once learned, they can only be used if the corresponding weapon is equipped.


Main article: Spell

Specials with variable range and area of effect. While only specific classes learn them as they level up(Generics sometimes also require reaching a certain Class Tier), various systems throughout the franchise allow any unit to learn any Spell.


Specials learned only by a specific class. They are learned simply by leveling up, and have no requirement to be used.


Specials that are learned by Monster units as they level up, but can only be used by a Humanoid wielding them as a Magichange weapon.

Magichange glitch[]

A glitch in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days and Disgaea 2 PC exists where Humanoid characters can gain skills of Monsters. By completing the Darkly Adonic map with characters affected by Magichange, due to an error in which the game does not fully reset the state of characters when the ending commences, the character's equipped Magichange weapons will stay equipped and can be permanently kept while still having these characters in the army when the game continues from the beginning after the completing of the map. This lets the Humanoid keep the Magichange skills, and if Magichange 2 was used then they can also use the second Monster's Unique skills.