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Snarling Capital is the 4th and final map of Summoned Overlord, the 9th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

Our heroes finally find Etna and ask for a nail clip, though they keep their intentions hidden. She agrees to hand it over if they manage to defeat her Prinny Squad, but also threatens the Prinnies as a form of motivation.

After the battle[]

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Our heroes have won so Etna hands them over the nail clip. They head home, unaware that Etna actually handed them a fake nail.

Adell's Mom carries out the ritual to summon "The Strongest Demon in the World", however it's Etna who comes out of the summoning pot.

News Broadcast[]

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Axel has taken over Usagi's role as presenter, and Pleinair does not look happy about it. He reports that with the news of Overlord Zenon's defeat, countless Overlord's from all over the universe are now aiming to defeat Etna to take her title.

Axel's little brother watches the report, and is disappointed at how Axel has changed.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Move to an elevation of 82dm(instant warp).