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Shyrone is one of the Diez Gentlemen in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice. He is a transfer student who travels from school to school accusing random people of being the one who stole his lunch money, and acknowledges that he is doing so. In reality, he simply spent the money himself on something else, but whether or not he is aware of this is unknown. At one point he comments that transfering from school to school is costing him more than the lunch money was worth.

Shyrone first appears in the story itself alongside Gorillian after the defeat of Prinny Mask as part of a ambush attempt set up by Beyond X. After this attempt is foiled by the Vato Brothers, Shyrone reveals himself and the three Diez Gentlemen prepare to fight them anyway, only to retreat after Salvatore defects and Master Big Star, Gold Knuckle and the PTA appear to aid Mao's party. He and the others later fights alongside Aurum himself, but is defeated.