Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories character
Kana シュラ
Romaji Shura
AKA Masked Man
Japanese Voice actor(s) Junji Majima
English Voice actor(s) David Lodge
Race Demon
Class Demon General

Shura is a powerful demon that was employed by Overlord Zenon. He is credited as Masked Man before his name is revealed.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

He was originally a demon from another Netherworld who came to Veldime, along with Selion, to escape the violence. In Veldime, the humans accepted them, even though they were demons. Touched by human kindness, they decided to stay and live out their days as humans.

However, with the arrival of Overlord Zenon, they decided to fight him in order to protect the humans in Veldime. Entrusting their most important thing to Mom and Dad, they gave in to their demon ways in order to defeat him. Unfortunately they were no match for him, but he spared their lives; instead, he sealed their wills and memories and made them serve him. After meeting with Adell and the others at the gate of Zenon's castle, they asked to be killed in order to atone for their sins.

It is revealed after the battle that they were Adell's parents.

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