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Semi-Final is the 2nd map of Battle Tournament, the 7th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


At the Dimension Gate[]

Back inside the building our party encounters the Masked Woman that serves Zenon. Rozalin asks to keep her participation in the fight a secret, and she complies. Adell is surprised at how nice she is, and Tink explains that perhaps she's an altered human that still has some of her conscience left.

Before the battle[]

Only two more wins before Adell and Rozalin can finally achieve their goal of meeting Zenon, however they both find themselves hesitating for some reason.

The next fight is against Yukimaru, who is not happy about having to fight them but hopes to at least have a fair fight. Adell points out the hypocrisy of her words given that she previously attacked them by surprise, but she claims to have no recollection of doing such thing. Rozalin ponders that maybe there's a second Yukimaru or perhaps a split personality, however Yukimaru interprets their claims as distraction tactics and prepares to fight.

After the battle[]

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Having failed her mission, Yukimaru prepares to end her own life, though she's extremely hesitant despite her claims that this is her duty. Wanting to calm her down, Adell points out that it's too soon to give up and she could join their group and continue her mission along with them. Yukimaru is convinced by Adell and becomes a party member. Tink and Taro are worried about her previous attempt against Rozalin's life, however Rozalin and Adell decide to trust her anyway.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Beat the stage without taking damage.