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Second Battle is the 2nd map of Coliseum, the 6th episode of Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories.


Before the battle[]

The second fight is against Old Man Geo, a Wiseman that has spent millennia studying Geo Panels in Shinra Tower. He sets up an overly complicated puzzle of Geo Effects, but Adell takes a look around and quickly figures that breaking the red Geo Symbol disarms the whole thing.

After the battle[]

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Old Man Geo is impressed by Adell, and gifts him a special and powerful Remedy. Back inside the building they once again meet with Yukimaru, who explains that her opponents were injured before the duel so she advanced without fighting. Upon seeing her Tink identifies her as the one who attacked the palace and turned him into a frog. Adell objects, and Tink realizes that the clothes are indeed the same however the face is different.


The complicated distribution of effects turn the map into a sort of labyrinth, and all enemies start standing on Invincibility panels. Though as pointed out in the cutscene, breaking the red Symbol will take down the whole thing, making this stage simpler than it looks. Using a Spell with a range of 6 and the 2-panel area lets you destroy it while standing behind the first Marionette, with the subsequent Geo Chain massively damaging all units.

On revisits to the map, all of the Geo Symbols except for the Ally Damage 20% and No Lifting symbols will disappear.

Dark World[]

Unlock: Beat the stage using 6 or less characters.